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Do you only have exit signs above exits which have push bar?

Guest Josh

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I carry out emergency light test frequently, and have a question for exit signs above emergency exit doors. 

I've notice on some sites I've been to, there's an exit sign above an emergency exit door which is locked via key or unlockable via mechanical means

1- should I fail an exit sign above an exit door which is locked via key and recommend removal or blanking off ?

On my opinion, all emergency exits should be openable by all persons via a push bar. 

2- should I fail an exit sign above an exit door which is locked and openable via mechanical means by all persons ? 

I don't so see a problem with question 2 but what if the mechanism fails or a child doesn't know how to operate it. There also no signage on them to say how to open. 

Thanks a

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Exits do not automatically require a panic bolt, only in certain situations. A lot of required exits have other simple fastenings, the important point being they must not require a key or code.

An exit that is signed but requires a key or code may actually be needed - removing the sign isn't automatically the answer as changing the exit fastening may be required.

All fastenings should be signed as to their operation.

Unless you have the training & competence to carry out Fire Risk Assessments and the required calculations regarding occupier capacity, travel distances, exit widths, door furniture etc it's easier to just stick to testing the fittings and reporting on their function.

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