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Adding fire door to a corridor

Guest Dave

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The care home where i work wants to put an additional door in a corridor. The corridor has fire doors each end and has bedrooms along the corridor. 

Does this new additional door need to be a fire door?? 

Many thanks for any info. 

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Why is the door being added? If it's a cross corridor door in a corridor with escape in two directions to split the corridor to protect the escape route (required for corridors over 30m under old guidance, 12m in modern guidance) then effectively it needs to be a FD30S door. (In the old days it could be a lower specification fire check door with smoke seals as the main purpose was to protect the corridor from smoke, but now proper spec doors are required)

The wall/partition around the door also need to be to 30 mins as well - any ceiling void also needs firestopping/partitioning above the door/partition.

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