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Opening up kitchen / living room in flat

Guest AndrewNoniProperty

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Guest AndrewNoniProperty

Hi there, thanks for all the useful info here. I'm looking to renovate a buy to let flat but wanted to know first if I can safely open up the entrance hallway leading to the open kitchen/living area. There's currently a fire door separating the space, but may have been put in place some time ago. The bedroom has a fire door too, both with heat glass above the frames. I've attached a screenshot to show the changes to the floorplan but haven't had any consultation yet. Before (R) & After (L). The flat is on 1st floor with entry/exit through fire door leading onto communal staircase. The windows lead to small balcony across the front of the building. I really appreciate any advice. cheers AN

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 14.13.40.png

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You will need Building Regulations approval for this change. Local Authority Building Control may:
- Reject the plans

- Require changes in fire protection (e.g. higher category of fire alarm, sprinklers, fire curtains and similar)

- Accept them as they are

They may accept it as it is if both of the following apply.

i. The travel distance from the flat entrance door to any point in any habitable room is a maximum of 9m.

ii. Cooking facilities are remote from the main entrance door and do not impede the escape route from anywhere in the flat.

Otherwise they may require sprinklers and an LD1 fire alarm system (smoke & heat alarms throughout the whole flat)

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