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Extinguishers for Empty buildings?

Guest Sean

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Quick query, bearing in mind that the Responsible Person STILL has obligations under the Fire Order, re risk assessment, fire safety responsibilities, does the empty building still require extinguishers, I checked a few sites who state advice along the lines of the following ...... "

Your fire safety responsibilities within an empty property include maintaining systems, servicing and repairing of equipment where it is faulty.  Investment in these systems enables you to protect your building and future income.

Fire safety systems should include:

  • Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment to identify all risks in the building in order to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Installing fire alarm systems is essential to provide an early warning that there is a fire in your building as the last thing you want is see your building burnt to the ground as you didn’t have an alarm!
  • The Fire Risk Assessment will identify how many fire extinguishers you will need, which type is appropriate and where they should be situated.
  • If you have carried out a Fire Risk Assessment, it will say how many fire extinguishers you need, what type is appropriate, and where they should be positioned. Your insurance policy will also include specifications on fire extinguishers and your policy could be void if you don’t follow the guidelines. And if you do have extinguishers in your empty building, make sure you maintain them according to British Standards.

I can understand fire alarm system as if remotely monitored someone (R.P) or (Brigade) would be alerted,I can understand Emergency Lighting as that could assist Brigade to navigate on attendance, but WHO`s going to use extinguishers if no ones there ? 

cheers ☺️

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If it's empty for any significant period I will justify the non provision of equipment in the FRA and environmentally dispose of it. It is assessed on a case by case basis though and in some situations certain strategic provision may remain.

If it's staying in place it needs to be serviced, so more often than not the client goes for removal and off I go with them. Insurers don't usually object but should be consulted.

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