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Georgian style solid wood


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Hi all...

I am a H+S Officer who works for a large care homes company who would like to have Georgian style solid wood furniture placed in the their care homes bedrooms.  To keep a long story short, would they need to have these 'wardrobes, bedside cabinets' etc coated to bring them up to Class 1 (Class C) fire rated standards. I know aboutthe Crib5 for covering and upholstery, but I cant seem to find anything on fire protecting solid wood furniture. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Has far as I am aware is because it is low risk and not subject to any regulation. You would have to hold a blow lamp on it some time to get it to ignite or cut it into small pieces (chips), so it is not of great concern when designing a means of escape scheme, however upholstery is another matter. 

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