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Egress exit door only open with Fob from inside

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I am currently living in a 7 floors residential block and sharing an egress staircase with the block next to us. Due to the type of residents are different between two blocks, the exit at the ground level has two exit which direct its own residents exit to its own lift lobby with its dedicated block key fob. This all make sense but not during day to day where the residents from the blocks can only exit to their own block's lobby, rather than the usual green push button for deactivate the magnectic door to open. 

I wonder is this even legal? As this is causing the residents where they sometime stuck in the staircase if they forgot to bring the key with them. I do understand the reason of not having the other residents from the other block to use the other lobby, but only using a key fob to exit the egress staircase isn't too risky especially if the door release failed to switch off during emergency? 



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