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Sold a Sofabed without any fire safety labels

Guest David Johns

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Guest David Johns


Back in March I purchased a sofabed for my narrowboat, which was made to order. It was eventually delivered, and after a couple of months I realised that there were no fire safety labels at all attached to it, or the accompanying footstool. Now I know they should have them attached at manufacture and I also believe they should be permanent and difficult to remove. What this means, I am not sure but I suspect either stitched or glued or both.

I contacted them by email and he said that he'd send me some. I objected to this and said that they need to be permanent, stitched in. This is what he responded with "They don’t have to be sewn in at all , I have sent you the specification of your fabric earlier proving it is fire retardant if you think about it any upholsterer could attach a label to any piece of furniture Fr or non fr . Send me your address please and I will send labels."

What I received were two sets of labels, two cigarette and match resistant labels and two made in Great Britain labels. These labels are tie one cardboard ones and I have attached a photo for your amusement. I am not amused and he is either clearly deranged or taking the mickey.

I am not happy as he has flouted the regulations with regards my sofabed. As far as I am concerned, he can have it back and refund me, but I am not sure I can do that.

Could someone please advise?


David Johns



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The labels he sent are display labels and not permanent labels as they should be, if the manufacturer is british he would be breaking the law and the Trading Standards would deal with it.

Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations   FIRA

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