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Stay put with an alarm system fitted

Guest Steve M

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Hello all. A 5 storey purpose built block of flats has a communal alarm system, it also has detection in each flat all linked in to the alarm system. The residents have been advised and the fire action notice says it is a stay put policy unless it’s your flat on fire. Is this contradictory? Is the best solution to either change the policy to evac or remove linked detectors from flats and have independent ones. There is only one stairwell which would easily clog up with people in an incident. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks. 

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If it is just general needs purpose built flats then there never has been (& still isn't) a need for a common fire detection system, despite people throwing these systems in willy nilly. If it is genuinely fit for stay put it would only need detection (no alarms) in the common parts if there was an automatic smoke control system fitted.

Usually sounders and call points would be withdrawn leaving just the detection linked to the smoke control - if there is no smoke control the whole system is superfluous (& a service charge drain)and can go.0

HOWEVER - a full system as described along with a simultaneous evacuation policy (no stay put) is appropriate if:
-The premises do not have adequate fire compartmentation and it is not realistic to provide it (often for very old flats pre 1960's), or
-There is an unsuitable external cladding system in place and the system is a temporary measure until it is replaced.

Whilst it does seem unnecessary I'd need to be at the site to be 100% (but I'm 99.9%) 

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