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Exit capacity when discounting one

Guest S. Tomm

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Guest S. Tomm

Hi, simple exit capacity question...

I understand the largest exit must be discounted. In a premises with 2 double exits, can the one remaining 1050mm door allow 200 persons to escape (I may have read somewhere that where there is one exit regardless of width only 60 people but I am unsure if this applies when you start with 2 but discount one).

Thank you

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When doing such calculations you need to take into account all the factors, direction of door opening, occupancy factor, travel distance, occupancy and location when considering a means of escape scheme. The limit of sixty person will depend on the direction of opening of the door and the discounting of the largest door width will apply when you have more then one door, because it could be unavailable, due to a fire. If you only have one door and that is unavailable due to fire then you have serious problems.

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