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Green Houses - Glass Houses Fire safety


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Hi Tom - Thanks for your reply.

Just as an update for the forum I looked at the following website in addition to the one Tom recommended.  I appreciate many of you will already be aware of this.


There is an exemption from The Building Regulations 2010 - CLASS 3 - Greenhouses and agricultural buildings  - See UK Statutory Instruments 2010 No. 2214 SCHEDULE 2.  One of the exemption criteria is that the building is provided with a fire exit which is not more than 30 metres from any point in the building - my thoughts are that this will be difficult to meet with the large developments which cover several acres or hectares.

The following website provides further exemption detail:


If exemption applies some works are exempt from the whole of the building regulations, others are only exempt from certain aspects.  A table is provided detailing what is exempt.


Clearly the above information is an example of what applies to new build.  For those existing large glass houses which cover several hectares, typically for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc, I can only find the CLG fire safety guidance documents unless anyone knows otherwise!! 


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