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Importing furniture

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I am looking at importing footstools to the U.K and am unsure exactly which parts of the furniture need to be tested so that every aspect is covered for fire safety. I’d be grateful for advice.

The stools are made of wood/mdf. The pad on top of the wood is foam. A permanent polycotton cover finishes the stool over the foam The out of sight, underside of the stool has a fabric to make it look finished. In addition a removable loose cover is supplied which may or may not be added for use by the eventual customer should they wish. Please advise if my understanding is correct:

1. The foam needs to be fire tested and I need a certificate of proof.

2. The fixed polycotton outer covering needs to be match resistant. This should be tested and I need a certificate of proof.

3. The underside (invisible) fabric used needs to be tested and I need a certificate.

4. The additional loose cover fabric needs to be tested and I need a certificate.

5. The underside of the stool must have a permanent fixed label regarding fire safety with details of the batch number. In addition a swing tag must be applied 

6. The loose cover requires a fire safety label sewn inside.

I would be grateful for advice on this. I understand the responsibilities as the importer of the products and want to ensure that the product is completely compliant with the regulations and safety.

Thank you in advance.


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