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Aircraft Hangars

Guest Steve

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Hi all

anybody with knowledge regards portable extinguishers for aircraft hangars, I`m sure I read somewhere that ABC Powder units shouldn`t be inside hangars,  not because BS stated about powders indoors but because if there WAS an ABC in a hangar for gas risk or whatever and used, the Acid based powder was dangerous as in it is corrosive to Aluminium and could weaken aircraft joints, ?? apart from LX / HX Foam flooding systems, IF you were recommending portable units, whats the spec? Thanks :) 

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Whilst it is bizarrely not mentioned much in UK guidance it is true that in the US and the many countries that follow US guidance that the use of ABC Powder where it can come to rest on the superstructure and in the engines of aircraft is not permitted or not recommended as the acidic ammonium phosphate & sulphate has been shown to cause fatigue in aluminium so to avoid structural integrity risks (& at the very least a 5 or 6 figure cost full stripdown and clean) only alkaline Sodium or Potassium Bicarbonate BC Powder should be used.

Now in the US this isn't a big issue as all manufacturers still make various types of BC Powder extinguisher in all sizes but in the UK you are rather limited as nearly everything is ABC. Some manufacturers do a 8kg extinguisher filled with Monnex BC Powder (the most powerful extinguishing powder in the world due to it's Potassium base and ability to decrepitate in flame to increase it's surface area) which is very expensive.

Only one manufacturer supplying the UK (also one of the few remaining companies to make extinguishers here rather than China or Poland.) has a variety of different sizes of BC Powder & Monnex extinguisher, including large capacity trolley and skid mounted units, this is Britannia Fire. Amerex UK (an American company) also has 9kg BC Powder and Purple K models ex stock, but because it's a US firm can import any of it's wide range of other BC models if required.

I'd have 9kg BC Powder for rapid knockdown with 9 litre Foam (type of foam & delivery may differ depending on risks) for post extinction security. The nature of the risks & any CAA or Insurance requirements may also mandate larger trolley extinguishers etc

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Cheers Anthony,

I couldn`t have asked for a better reply ? I was told that by an extinguisher engineer, note I said Engineer and not technician, I wont mention names or his company but he certainly doesnt rate the modern "Technicians", their training, or knowledge, he just calls them box shifters and says they`re not trained like in the old days, he does seem knowledgeable and passionate about what he calls his craft but thinks his trade is headed down the toilet :(,  but I thought I`d just double check with the guys on here, answer/confirmation very much appreciated :) Thank you ?

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