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Flats Above Retail Premises


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We manage our own Management Company. It's a block of 12 flats, 6 Flats on the 1st Floor & 6 Flats on the 2nd Floor, above retail premises (which project further back than the rear Boundry line of the Flats). Purpose Built in 1986

We have front & rear entrances to/from communal stairways. Walkway between stairwells on both floors is covered, but open to fresh air for the complete length on both floors with Fire Exit doors both ends.

1.    Is it a requirement to have Smoke detectors or fire alarms to the communal areas?

2.    The Flats have part glazed front doors as specified when built.  Are these okay as they must have been when built?

3.    I assume that there is fire resistance between the ground floor retail premises.  Is it their responsibility to ensure they have adequate fire resistence/ alarms to protect us?









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You need a competent person to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment - this will answer all these questions. The FRA is a legal requirement.

There's too many possible variables without seeing the place as all your three questions could easily have a yes or a no answer, although with respect to the last one the retail unit should be considering the fire resistance of their ceiling in their FRA as the flat occupiers are 'relevant persons' for consideration under the regulations even though the interior of the flats themselves isn't. If the fire separation isn't  adequate then they should ideally upgrade it, otherwise they would need a fire detection and alarm system set up to warn the flats (usually involving sounders in the flats)

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