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Fire extinguisher for jewellery making

Guest NinaGil

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Guest NinaGil


I have just set up a jewellery making workshop where learning takes place, using LPG. I am looking for advice on which types of fire extinguishers are required.

With thanks,


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It all depends on what fire risk you have in your premises and which fire extinguisher is suitable for that type of fire. There are five classes of fire extinguisher one for each type of fire.

There is usually class A in all premises and in your premises you will have a class C you may need class B, D and F but unlikely.

For class A the best method to extinguish a fire is cooling but you can use smothering but there is a chance of re-igniting. For class C the best method is isolating the supply however Class C (dry powder) will extinguish the flame to allow you to get to the shut off valve. If you have an electrical risk then isolating the supply is best then use class A or there are others that are consider safe on electric risk. (CO2 Dry Powder and some Foams)

To make sense of the above check out http://www.firesafe....uisher-general/


http://www.firesafe....-extinguishers/ and http://www.firesafe....and-combustion/

Here endeth the lesson god bless you all.


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