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Fire Alarm System - Delay Indication

Guest Tommy

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There is a delay programmed between the activation of a device and the alarms actually sounding, or relays to other systems like plant shutdown operating. You need the servicing company to download the exact cause and effect from the panel and put it into a table/spreadsheet as the set up can differ - different time delays, different devices being delayed (often smoke detectors have a delay, but heat detectors and call points don't as they aren't as prone to false alarms). Depending on the circumstances certain delays are permitted - in others they aren't & your Fire Risk Assessor should be able to decide what's appropriate for your premises..

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Guest Tommy

Thanks Anthony, 

There is an investigative 5 min delay in a purpose built block of flats, my confusion was that in other sites which have the same investigation period this light is not lit up on the panel. 

Thanks for the response. 

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