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Fire risk assessments for hotels

Guest HarveyJam

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Guest HarveyJam


FIrstly, your website is very informative and helpful. I am interested in providing fire safety consultancy for the hotel industry but would like some clarification on who currently regulates the industry and how hotels currently inpliment their fire safety measures. Do they conduct the fire safey checks themselves or is it the local council or fire authority that does it.

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It is The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, that primarily controls fire safety in England and Wales check out http://www.firesafe....ety-order-2005/ for more information.

It is the Responsible Person as defined by article 3 of the above order has the duty to implement the order also other person having control can have duties as well.

The Fire and Rescue Service has the duty to enforce the order and conducts spot checks to ensure if the order is being complied with.

The Department of Communities and Local Government oversees the legislation and provides guidance.

The order also uses persons defined as Competent Person to fulfil a role and this includes fire consultants/assessors. In the near future legislation will be introduced defining Competent Person even now a fire risk assessor is residing at her majesty’s pleasure. Check out http://www.absoluteh...safety-offences

Competent Person is regarded as competent if they have 'sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to properly assist the employer to meet his safety obligations.

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There is no law that say there must be a night porter or member of staff on site at all times but it does say the Responsible Person (employer) has a duty of care to his employees and Relevant Persons (guests). IMO to exercise this duty I believe you must have a member of staff on the premises at all times to implement the Fire Plan and ensure all persons are evacuated safely. Whether this would be a sleeping or waking watch would depend on the circumstances, size of the hotel, complexity, number of staff and other considerations.

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