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Fire exit onto private property

Guest Dazcoates

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Guest Dazcoates

Hi. I work in a 4 story building. The bottom floor that I work on has a fire exit that leads out onto a closed stairwell used for the flats above. Outside of our fire door is a small courtyard that has a gate entry code.  The floor above us is inhabited by a second home owner that lives there 6 weeks of the year. We have had trouble with him in the past as customers have used the fire exit as en exit to the shop and left the code entry gate open. For the last year I have ensured that we do not let customers use the fire exit door when it is open. Today I have had a massive telling off from him for using the gate, even though I have closed it behind me on exit end re-entry into my shop. I know we are allowed to keep the door open for ventilation especially during these COVID times. What is like to know is if he has a right as a tennent to stop me from using the code locked gate as an exit from the shop on very rare occasions. 

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