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Newly install Fire Door lacking a handle

Guest Alex

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Hello there.

My mother is disabled and on friday had a new fire door installed, the only exit to her flat, but the workmen didn't have a handle. Because the door has an electric/disability mechanism on it to open and close it using a fob, they have clearly felt it was safe to leave it without a handle over the weekend, and however long it takes them to come back and get it done. The issue is that all electronics can fail, or power can go out, and if this happened at the wrong time my mother doesn't even have a handle to try and open her door with. She is effectively trapped should this (even unlikely) eventuality occur, which seems to me a rather concerning lapse on their part.

As you can see in the image there is the keyturn knob, and I personally have the grip and strength to use it as a pseudo handle at a push, but my mother is the tenant is extremely disabled. At her best she might be able to hobble to the door with her walking stick, and a normal door with a handle get it open with a great deal of trouble, but she would have no hope at all of gripping and using it to open the door.

Am I overthinking or have they actually done something wrong here that I can/should confront them with?




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True, lol, appreciate the laugh. It turns out they can't even come put the handle on til Thursday. The excuse is 'we put a chunky thumbturn' on. My poor mum certainly wouldn't be able to use that, she would struggle to open a fire door with a handle. 

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