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Furniture Fire Safety Advice

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Guest beckya


I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on fire safety when upholstering furnture - I've scoured the regulations for what feels like hours to no avail!

I'm re-upholstering the seat of an ottoman (Lloyd Loom style) which I will be looking to sell once complete. I have purchased replacement foam which complies with all UK fire safety regulations. I will be using a schedule 3 interliner as the fabric I'll be using is 100% cotton. Because of this I'm aware that the cotton fabric doesn't need to be match resistant but does it need to be cigarette resistant as it looks like I'll need to include this on the permanent fire safety label that I attach?

I've contacted the seller to ask if it is match/cigarette resistant fabric and all they were able to tell me is that the fabric is natural cotton with print on it.

Thanks in advance

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As a re-upholsterer you are subject to the FFFSR with requires you to give to an enforcement authority or any of its officers such information as it or he may reasonably require for the purpose of enabling the authority to enforce any of the requirements of these Regulations.To be able to meet this requirement you will need documented proof so if the seller cannot give you this information you need to find one that can.

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