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Upcycling furniture and fire safety

Guest jhutton1503@gmail.com

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Guest jhutton1503@gmail.com


I am currently looking into upcyciling furniture and selling it on.  Part of this would include re-upholstering or adding upholstery to pieces that don't currently have any.  I just want to double check what the rules and regulations would be for me?  I am obviously not the first manufacturer of the furniture but if I am adding new fabric, I am sure I would then become responsible to some extent.  Would I need to get documentation from wherever I am purchasing my fabric and fillings from to prove they would comply and then would it be my responsibility to label the piece of furniture to say it is fire safe, even if I know nothing else about the history of the piece that i am selling?  Do tests have to be carried out on the combination composite materials I am using every time if I am only producing one off pieces or would the documentation from the upholstery suppliers be enough?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't kind all the specific answers on the internet.


Thank you


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Selling second hand furniture and re-upholstering furniture you will be subject to the regulations. The permanent labels should already be fitted and you need to provide display labels. Any materials you buy should comply with the regulations and you should obtain documented proof of there fire resistance in case you have to prove it to the trading standards.

Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations  

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