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Mobile Coffee Cart

Guest Dave Sillers

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Guest Dave Sillers


Could someone help please - we are building a mobile coffee cart for use outside (under cover) initially but then maybe indoors later, it won't have any other cooking equipment on it apart from the coffee machine.

Does all the wood in the construction need to be fire treated with a certificate?

Or is it acceptable to have just the main parts of of it fire treated? 

If you cut fire treated wood, does it invalidate a manufacturers certificate?


What would an 'appropriate' fire extinguisher(s) be for this? (its 1.8m x 70cm, and has a bin, coffee machine and fridge)

Sorry about the mass of questions, I just want to make sure we do this right so we meet the needs of various councils (depending where we are selling) and also event organizers if we are say indoor at an exhibition/event.




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Most carts of this nature have a cheap ABC Powder extinguisher, usually around the 600g- 2kg size range. It's rather messy in use and a cleaner (but more expensive) alternate is the 1.4l Water Mist extinguisher.



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