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Smoke alarm chirping


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Hi there 

We have a smoke alarm in the kitchen that has been chirping every few minutes for a few days. 

We have just changed the batteries (it’s mains powered too) in all three of our alarms in the house to no avail. 

When the mains is off, and the batteries are out it still chirps from the base in the ceiling. Absolutely no other alarm in the house whatsoever. I pressed the test button on each alarm after replacing the batteries in each. 

Any ideas? Thank you 


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The base can not make a sound, also with no batteries or mains the detector can not chirp.

We have seen many posts on here just like yours, and a few have come back and said they found they had another detector they had forgotten about and it was this that was chirping.

The favourite in a kitchen is on top of the cupboards.

Good luck, please let us know the out come.

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