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Data cabling safety


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We have 6 bed HMOs in which tenants are increasingly wanting to game such that they're keen to hard wire ethernet cable rather than relying on wireless service. Obviously we need to avoid trip and fire hazards. Whilst I appreciate it would be unsafe to run electrical cable under a carpet, is it safe to run ethernet cable under a carpet and potentially under doorway carpet too? 

In a world where data flow is more important to tenants than warmth, light or shelter  ;-) this is becoming an increasing challenge! We have used Powerline systems in some circumstances but it'd be really useful to have thoughts from others please? 

With thanks in anticipation! 

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No, it would not be a good idea to run Ethernet cables under carpets.

It has nothing to do with being a fire hazard, if run straight across under a carpet it could be a trip hazard, but more importantly the cable will get damaged and cause problems, not to mention it would also ruin the carpet.

If you can't run the cables under the floor you can run them surface and clip them or better still put them in trunking.

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As the user above suggests, trunking is best.  It is preferable to use low smoke zero halogen cable where possible.  If you are installing cables on escape routes above doors, best practice, although not law, is to use metal fastenings to prevent the potential for the cable to droop during a fire and impede egress.

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