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P50 Foam v Water Mist


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I note from the Safelincs website, that Britannia are bringing out a P50 water mist extinguisher 

I wonder if there is anyone has any idea when this model might be released and the likely cost of the 6 litre version? (even a ball park figure price would do)

I am trying to convince my employer to extend a trial of P50s (we have 4 at one site). We would like to extend the trial to 50 or so Foam  (34A/183B) foam, but we would like to know what the cost benefits would be by choosing the water mist design (13A/21B) . I would rather keep the superior coverage - at least on some site.

We current operate around 3000 extinguishers, so you can see why management wish to make the maximum saving per unit  

Also, are there any clear advantages or disadvantages when selecting the type of extinguisher other than coverage?


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