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Evacuation Srategy Detection Coverage.

Guest Tommy

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Guest Tommy

Hi All, 

I am responsible for some large student accommodation buildings, all of which are purpose built which appear to support a stay put policy, the buildings have no MCPs. However the head of health and safety post Grenfell has decided to make all buildings 'Simultaneous Evacuation' which I disagree with as the buildings bar some minor breaches have adequate compartmentation. 

The question is, if this person insists on keeping simultaneous evacuation I have told him the alarm systems will have to be modified. (MCPs at each storey exit and final exit), currently the alarm has been partially modified to sound automatically when a detector is triggered. Is this the correct advice in anyone's opinion?. Also would this be the same configuration in Phased Evacuation where each block evacuates separately. 

Thanks for any help in advance. 

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