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Guest Robert26
Within my flat we have a alarm system which beeps every night around 21.00 and stops in the morning. When the alarm beeps it also displays an error message which reads ‘General Fault’. 
The company who services the alarm have sent engineers on numerous occasions to check the alarm.
The problem is this: the engineers arrives  during the day when the alarm is working normally. The engineer then leaves the property reporting that everything is fine. The fire alarm company, as well as the engineers are aware that the beeping starts at night. The engineers claim that they can only diagnose the issue if they arrive and the alarm is beeping.
I have three questions:
1. Is there a standardised recommended procedure [or best practice] for checking a faulty fire alarm? 
2. If there are recurring issues reported regarding a fire alarm at what point should it be replaced from a health and safety standpoint?
3. In the above scenario, do you think the engineers and fire alarm company have been diligent in trying to resolve the issue? [Does it make sense that they send an engineer to assess the alarm during the day?]
Any help with regards to the above three questions would be very helpful
Thanks a lot
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