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Re upholstery for no domestic use office


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Looking at getting our current office sofas and armchairs reupholstered. They currently have the carelessness causes fire label attached inside the seat cushion, 1988 conditions cigarette and match tested covering inner componets and covers. Possibly only suitable for domestic use?


We want to get the old existing covers off, which is easy as they just unzip off and can be removed and simply get new ones made, basically get a reupholsterer to copy the existing pattern and make new ones so we can pop on the existing foam inners.

We are not looking at changing any foam or adding anything new, apart from the newly reupholstered covers.

The new material we would like to use to cover these cushions is more then 75% polyester.

I am under the understanding that the fabric needs to be crib 5 sprayed with interliner shedual 3 attached to pass regulations associated with the material we intend to use and the fact that the sofas are in a no domestic space, an office.

In order to comply what would be needed to pass and is this ok for us to go ahead with please?

What would be required from the upholsterer with regards to certificates and labels for this process and with the work mentioned above would this comply following the processes mentioned to pass crib 5 standard?

Thank you in advance for the advice.


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This would depend on the enforcing authority (FRS) as the sofas and armchairs are not subject to the FFFSR and are designated contract furniture. However the FRS may accept the FFFSR standard or the contract furniture standards and links to guides for both standards follow. Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations and Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the contract and non-domestic sectors.

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