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Fire escape door to outside with roller shutter protection

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We are a tattoo studio on the first floor of a commercial property.  Its fully self contained, with our own front door, which opens outwards and we then step inside a fully protected stairwell (1 hour fire protection). This route is the main point of entry, exit and escape in the event of fire.  We do also have an external steel staircase further into the unit but this is used only as secondary means of escape In the event of fire. 

At any one time we may have around 30 people in the building.  I am trying to design the best solution for the front door, so it can open easily in the event of fire but also be fully secure externally from break-in.  The front door opens outwards (in the direction of travel in the event of fire).

My Question is (1) does our front door need panic hardware (a panic bar) to open when the tattoo studio is in use? (2) can we have a roller shutter fitted to the outside of the front door for security purposes, to use when the tattoo studio is closed (3) is there any width requirement for the clear opening of the front door.

Thank you for your kind help.

Regards, Mike

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1) No as it is under 60 persons and a shop (technically) not a place of assembly

2) Yes, you could brick the door up all night if you wanted if the premises were closed and empty!

3) 750mm minimum (assuming no wheelchair access)

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