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Fire Lanes in a Theatre or Club

Guest DCPowley

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Guest DCPowley

Hi All,


Just had a query as to whether people count themselves as a block for fire lanes and exits. I work in a theatre and am currently had this debate. For some shows we have people dancing in the isles and I’ve said that’s blocking a fire lane. Others disagree as if they hear the alarm they would just leave. My point is however we can’t have a large group of people stand in front of an exit as that’s blocking a fire lane so how is someone dancing in a lane any different?


Hope that makes sense and someone can clarify.



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Seating and gangways in a hall or assembly space should be so arranged to allow free and ready access direct to the exits.
Audiences seated in rows will first have to make their way to the end of the row before being able to use the escape routes provided.
Seating and gangways in an auditorium should therefore be so arranged as to allow free and ready access direct to the exits.

Standing and sitting in gangways, or in front of any exit, should not be permitted. This includes adults standing by children. (Dancing in would be considered the same as sitting or standing, i.e. a presence)

That's what the Government Guidance says.

If you want dancing, have a dance floor!

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