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Exit Doors for Connected Spaces

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My church has leased and moved into a storefront building with 3 rectangular connected units. Each unit has a double door entry and a push door final exit in the rear. Every exit door is marked by a combo LED exit sign. You can enter from one unit into the next through large cased openings. The first unit, we are using as our sanctuary (church service) space. The other units will house a bookstore and an event space. We’d like to build a stage and green room in the rear of the sanctuary (church service) unit. The stage and green room would make the final exit in that unit no longer a clear path exit for everyone in the building, because of the stage, equipment, wall, door, etc. (However the final exit door would still be unrestricted for anyone in the green room). Can we build the stage and green room in that first unit (despite the final exit door), considering we still have 5 additional final exit doors in the other units and all of the units are connected through a clear path opening? Or, are we required to have 2 clear path final exit doors in the rear of each rectangular unit? Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!

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