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Basement Fire Door

Guest Mosh

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I am wondering about an HMO with a basement, which is accessed from some stairs coming off a narrow hallway, as in the picture below.

I understand that basements need 30/60 minutes fire protection, but I'm not quite sure how it's possible in this case. How can a door be installed by these stairs? There is no place to put the door, except literally adjacent to the stairs, but would be hazardous, whichever way it opens. If it opens forwards, there would be a risk of somebody falling down the stairs as they open the door. If it opens backwards - into the hallway, it would block the hallway/fire exit, and clash with the kitchen door?



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Thank you Tom.

Sorry if I didn't clarify, but the door that is visible in the picture is the door between the kitchen and hallway. The stairs down to the basement are on the left, and currently has no door (or proper walls). My question is - does it need a door (and fire resistant walls) to seal off the basement. This would presumably require fitting a door literally right next to the basement stairs. Even if the door would open outwards - it would clash with the kitchen door, as well as possibly hitting people walking down the hallway, as well as blocking the hallway escape route while it is open.

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First you should study HOUSING – FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing and highlight all references to basements. Basements have all ways been considered hazardous especially if there is no alternative MoE and a sixty minute separation between the basement and the upper floor was the norm. This was achieved by providing a 30 min FD at basement level and a 30 min FD at ground floor or a sixty minute FD at basement level. Also the staircase had to be under drawn to 30 mins in the first case and sixty mins in the second case.

This may be a solution in this case by under drawing the staircase in the basement to 60 mins and provide a 60 mins FD this would mean the escape route would be protected by 60 mins from the basement and 30 mins from the upper floors. You would also require AutoFA especially if the the basement is not a habitable room. 

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