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Fire escape Window

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We have been requested by a client who has asked us to provide an estimate to have internal secondary glazed units installed to the window openings,

the bathroom window currently serves as a designated fire escape, are we permitted to fit an internal secondary glazed unit to this opening ?


I have contacted both the h.s.e., fire authority and building regulation, all have refused to provide anything black and white, or clear in that matter,


I really appreciate any advise on this I understand your time is very precious.


Many thanks  

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As far as I am concerned the only description of escape windows are in Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Vol 1 which states,

Emergency escape windows and external doors

2.10  Windows or external doors providing emergency escape should comply with all of the following.

i. A minimum area of 0.33 m2.

ii. A minimum height of 450 mm and a minimum width of 450 mm (the route through the window may be at an angle rather than straight through).

iii. The bottom of the openable area is a maximum of 1100 mm above the floor.

b. People escaping should be able to reach a place free from danger from fire. Courtyards or inaccessible back gardens should comply with Diagram 2.5.

c. Locks (with or without removable keys) and opening stays (with child-resistant release catches) may be fitted to escape windows.

d. Windows should be capable of remaining open without being held.

Therefore secondary glazing would not comply with that but as it usually can be slide back exposing the escape window fully, this is the dilemma and why you are finding it difficult to get an answer. If building control will not provide an answer I cannot see anybody else being able to. 



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