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Re-entry after evacuation - Venue Staff

Bob Pennell

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I'm looking for advice on a company policy that states that in the absence of a fire warden, I am required (after ensuring visitors in my charge have been take to the muster point) to re-enter the building and go to the basement, through several doors and down some corridors, to do a search of dressing rooms on the off chance that there are people down there not taking notice of a fire alarm.

Seems like a dumb idea to me.

Is there any guidance/legislation to back up not wanting to do this?



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It's simple - once you are out you are out. Any plan to sweep the premises should ensure that it is done as part of initial response and evacuation. Once someone is outside the building and at a place of ultimate safety it would almost certainly be considered a risk to relevant persons to make them re-enter.

In theory, with an addressable fire alarm system, knowing the exact location of the incident you could argue that you could ensure you were avoiding the risk area, but I've never heard of this, plus without radio communications and someone monitoring the progress of the incident on the control panel you wouldn't know if it (or more importantly smoke/combustion products) was spreading your way

If you are in a unionised workplace then it's certainly one for your union H&S rep.

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