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HI, we are currently refurbishing a building, which we are converting from a shop (circa 1900) into a childcare facility for 3-11 year olds.   In Wales. There is one main open space on the ground floor, which will be play space, leading to a toilets.  hen upstairs to two further playrooms and a kitchen, with a toilet and utility room leading off the kitchen.  The kitchen is along the landing just from the top of the stairs.  There is a second floor which will be an office and staff room.  My questions are:

Do all internal doors need to be fire resisting?

Does there need to be a fire escape for the first and second floor?

We are installing new ceilings with fire board, do we require fire installation as well?


Many thanks

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You are required to carry out a fire risk assessment, which because you are going to be licensed, has to be recorded regardless of any employee numbers.

This will determine your requirements on all fire safety matters.

Also your work is subject to the Building Regulations and requires Building Control sign off and Local Authority Building Control or your privately contracted Approved Inspector will advise on requirements.

You will usually, as a minimum, need to protect your stair with self closing fire doors.

You will not normally need a second fire escape if you protect the existing one unless there are excessive travel distances.

You will need a fire detection and warning system of a suitable category using commercial fire alarm equipment not domestic battery or mains smoke alarms and emergency lighting

If you are boarding the ceiling to 30 minutes FR with Fireline plasterboard this would usually suffice in a building of this size.

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