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Fire door between house & integrated garage

Guest Har80

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Question re: securing a new fire door that will be fitted between the house hallway and integrated garage...

On the side of the door from the house into garage it will be lockable by key.

But my concern is that from the side of the door from the garage into the house, if we just fit a thumb-turn on this side and some urchin breaks into the main garage door, they would also now be able to walk into the main house too via the thumb-turn.

Obviously we'll make main garage door as secure as possible, but other than that is there any solution to this that will still be fire-safe?

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I would say the rim lock should have the thumb turn should be on the hall side and the lockable by key should be on the garage side. I do not think the FD30s door between the garage and the house is for means of escape but to protect the house from the garage because it is a high fire risk and in your case it protects the hall which is a protected route.

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