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Fire door seal location

Guest Mark

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Hi, we have just moved into a property and have some concerns on the fire doors. The location of the smoke seals are not in the side of the door / frame, but fitted in the frame area that connects with the front face of the door. (see photo) is this acceptable?  




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Is the fire door the front door of a flat and is it a converted dwelling house or purpose built, because not all fire doors need to have smoke seals. Also I cannot work out the location of the seal from the photo.

Check out ASDMA Best Practice Guide at https://www.asdma.com/knowledge-centre/ and https://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-doors/ for more detail information.

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Hi tom,

The door is the main door to flat. The seal is located on the door frame the touches the front face of the door rather than the side of the door (if that makes sense)



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Assuming it is a brush seal and if is not fixed in the gap then I would think it will not effectively  prevent the cold smoke passing through the gap resulting in leakage greater than what is required, therefore not acceptable. However without testing or documentation, that should have accompanied the seal, it is difficult to be certain.

Check out the  ASDMA Best Practice Guide  section 14.

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