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Area Below Escape Window.

David Jones

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Hi. I have a house that I rent out as a HMO.

I have a question about the area below a 1st storey escape window.

I need to build a 6ft high timber gate half way up the driveway to improve security but it would need to be placed very near to the area beneath one of the first floor escape windows.

I have not been able to find any information on this and would very much appreciate some advice.

I have attached a rough picture of the situation, The escape window is the lower middle window of the bay window upstairs.


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Providing the gates are closed I cannot see how it would affect self or assisted rescue from the escape window and at the time it is likely to be required it is more than likely it will be closed for security reasons. The most likely means of escape from a escape window would be assisted therefore not a problem and providing a effective fire alarm is installed the principle MoE is likely to be used.

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