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Employer forcing staff member to remain in building during fire alarm activation

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I guess I already know the answer, but would you consider it reasonable for an Employers Fire procedure to include a member of staff to remain in the building to operate the switchboard when the fire alarm sounds? 'If it is safe to do so'. 


The site has multiple buildings but who would make the judgement that it was safe once the alarm is sounded? How would a change in circumstance be shared? It strikes me as risky to propose such a procedure. 


Thanks for your time guys. 


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Without a risk assessment and rationale it's not advisable. That isn't to say it's impossible - several premises are designed for delayed evacuation of certain areas, e.g. larger shopping centres have their security control rooms made of materials with enhanced fire resistance and several similarly enhanced escape routes to allow continued occupation during an alarm so as to monitor and manage any incident and evacuation.

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