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I'm starting a new, very small (just me!) business making things like bunting, tote bags, home decorations from textiles (mainly using cotton fabrics). I also would like to make cushions and seat pads. 

I have read and re-read the rules and the guidance notes regarding fire safety labels and I am still none the wiser, so I am hoping somebody may be able to shed some light! 

think I'm right in thinking that with items like bunting you don't necessarily need fire labels but I plan to add a swing tag with care information on it, including 'keep away from fire'.

For tote bags and cushion covers, I will sew a 'keep away from fire' label inside. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I'm going to anyway!! Is this enough?

However, the main one that concerns me is if I make a seat pad. I cannot work out from the guidance notes whether or not they need a permanent label attached to them? I would be buying the material and foam for the filling of the seat pad from reputable suppliers who I know would be able to supply test certificates if asked. But do I need to attach a label? If so, what sort of label and what information does it need? And how would I attach this to the foam? I would be making the seat pads with zips, so if I do have to legally provide a label, can this be attached inside to the cushion cover?

Sorry for so many questions, but I just can't seem to find out the information anywhere...well not in simple terms for someone simple like me lol 

Thanks in advance! 

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I would agree with you bunting, tote bags, home decorations from textiles are not covered by the regulations and you could label them as you choose, but the seat pads are subject to the regs and the guidance states,

The regulatory requirement for scatter cushions and seat pads is that the filling material only must satisfy the relevant ignition test and each individual item must bear a reduced information permanent label.

For scatter cushions which are provided with a fitted and non-removable decorative cover the requirement is that a permanent label is attached securely to an exterior surface (often attached to the seam). However, there has been some confusion when the scatter cushion interior pad has been supplied with a zip-on removable cover. This is because the required label refers only to the filling materials for scatter cushions and there are no requirements for the fire resistance of the cover. Hence, if the label is fitted to the zip-on cover and subsequently the cover and filling become separated, or the cover ends up on a different filling, the label would be inaccurate. Enforcement officers accept labels fixed to the interior pads of scatter cushions and suggest that the label protrudes through a partly open zip at the point of sale so it is visible.

Therefore I would deduce that because you are using a zip, a reduced information permanent label be fitted to the pad and the label protrudes through a partly open zip at the point of sale so it is visible.

Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations   FIRA



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