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Fire compliant door security bolts


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I'm fitting some FD30 fire doors to some electrical and riser cupboards in the communal areas of a block of flats. The FRA stated that they should be BS EN 1634‐1 compliant. As they are not used for access they just have to be kept locked shut, with a sign saying 'Fire Door Keep Locked Shut',  I had hoped to use Yale 8002 security bolts but realise now that they are not fire rated. I spoke to an ironmongers who recommended I use night latches! I really don't think these are very practical considering there are a number of locks, but also it seems excessive.  I therefore wonder if anyone could recommend a suitable simple to fit lock which would meet the required standard?

Many thanks in advance.

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Have you considered a mortise lock?

Where mortise locks are provided, the cut-out in the door should be the minimum necessary to prevent any voids which fire can penetrate. After the edges, the mortise lock and latch areas represent the next zone of weakness. Filling the voids in the cut-out with intumescent paste will markedly lessen the weakness in this area.

As the latch is the only holding device on the closing edge it is important that it should be strong and that the nib of the latch should engage into the latch plate at least 12mm to ensure that the closing edge will not spring open when the door deforms. Extended flap latch plates are advisable for 60 minute fire doors.

Plastics and aluminium handles and knobs will be destroyed on the fire side but this may not have a serious effect on the integrity of the door if steel spindles are provided.

The lock or latch should be CE marked to BS EN 12209:2016 or preferably should be provided with additional product certification by an approved third party certification body.

I did a quick search and found https://www.screwfix.com/p/smith-locke-3-lever-nickel-plated-mortice-sashlock-65mm-case-44mm-backset/7620g which is approved by a third party certification body, but I would suggest you search the web and I am sure you will find a suitable lock at a reasonable price.

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Hi Tom, thanks for your advice. 

I have considered mortice locks but hoped I could fit something that didn't take so long to fit as there are 24 doors. Consider also that they are only for riser and electrical cupboards and are not a throughway. I therefore wondered whether Rim Locks might be suitable? They would be fitted to the inside of the door and therefore would benefit from the fire protection afforded by the door itself?

Might these be suitable?

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Riser ducts have fire risk from both sides and fire doors are fitted to prevent a fire passing from a riser duct to the escape route and visa versa consequent I my opinion rim locks would not be suitable. For more information check out http://www.firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf page 60.

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