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Fire risk from vinyl stickers

Guest AngelaT

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Guest AngelaT

Vinyl tile stickers in the kitchen??

I recently put vinyl tile stickers over the existing boring old black tiles in the kitchen - they are a popular, quick, cheap way of improving your home.  The tiles are a splashback for the kitchen surfaces, sink and gas cooker.  There is a glass panel on the cooker which has to be raised vertically against the wall before any gas is released so most of the tiles have this screen between them and the heat. I have 2 quick questions please.

1)I have noticed that the vinyl tiles at the back of the cooker - where they are in contact with the vent through which hot air from the oven and grill is expelled, has warped slightly.  It is only about 1 cm right at the bottom of the lowest layer of tiles.   It has got me thinking is it safe to have vinyl tiles there?  Are they a fire risk? Or will they be giving off chemicals as they are heated up?

2)  Are vinyl tile sticker safe at all?  Are they a fire risk?  An accelerant?  Or not much different then having paint or wallpaper on the walls?

I  would appreciate some expert advice please

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When you purchased the tiles what information came with them, I saw one information sheet that recommended a gap of 20 cm between the tiles and any heat source, which required to be less than 120C, what did your suggest. As yours is warping it looks like you do not have sufficient gap.

I would suggest you should be asking these question to the manufacturer.

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