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PVC Door Curtains

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Hi All, 

I'm after a bit of advice regarding PVC Door Curtains. 

I've been asked to install them over a large number of external classroom doors, unfortunately they are fire exits so I'm extremely reluctant to do so. I've always worked to the principal the nothing goes on a fire exit but if they need blinds for instance is should be attached to the door so is out the way in the event of an emergency. 

I've spent some time on google regarding this, I've even managed to find one installation company with a picture on their site 
of a fire exit with a door curtain. I emailed them for a quote and advice but they never replied.

With so much knowledge on this site I hope someone can offer me some advice as I'm currently digging my heels in and I can see certain people are getting a little annoyed now


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Is the PVC curtain a flat sheet of PVC fixed to the door or is it fixed to the wall covering the fire door or is it a Venetian type curtain?

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