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Is a Co2 extinguisher safe for a confined space like a subway station?


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Is a Co2 extinguisher safe for a confined space such as a subway station? We're planning to put cartridge 9l foam extinguishers + 2kg Co2? Are 

These when discharges dangerous enough to result in asphyxiation? Another alternative we didn't like was dry powder, it's very messy! You may reccomemd me water mist, but fire ratings are EXTREMELY LOW! what about inside the trains? What should I install? 

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Absolutely safe, there is no way you are going to get a dangerous concentration, you only get a cubic area of gas sufficient to fill 2 bathtubs from 2kg of CO2, as long as your volumetric area is at least 10 times that (which an underground station certainly is) you are fine

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