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Flammability Requirements for Non Domestic and Contract Furniture - legal requirement?

Guest simonw

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Guest simonw

Hi, based on several threads on this forum I have read through the FIRA guide https://www.fira.co.uk/images/FIRA-Contract-Flammability-Guide.pdf several times and still trying to get to grips with my legal obligations, as a Hair Salon owner, with regard using Furniture supplied from Australia in my Hair Salon.

I am trying to ensure I specify and purchase furniture and import it into the UK that I can use in my Hair Salon. I am not a reseller or distributor etc, hence why I'm still learning about the import requirements.

If I am correct, the FIRA guide indicates I should conduct a fire risk assessment specific to my 'situation/environment/intended use' etc and determine a Fire Safety Requirement Specification for the furniture, in my case its Hair Salon chairs, used in a ground floor Hair Salon.

Q1. Firstly is this the case?

Further more, we know that the vinyl covering of the Salon Chairs is certified to BS5852, but unsure what the foam filling rating is, as such a rating is not legally required in Australia, for furniture.

Q2. Is this OK?

Q3. Can I ask the supplier to put a Fire Safety Label on the furniture, indicating this, is this legally acceptable?


Appreciate any guidance on this, Simon.


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Q1 There is no UK legislation that directly covers the use of upholstered furniture in commercial premises, however, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the Responsible Person (RP) to conduct an FRA which also means he/she has to reduce the likelihood of spread of fire that may put his/her employees and visitors at risk in his/her workplace. The decision is yours as RP.

Q2 No, If the RP uses upholstered furniture in a shop and it has to be tested by BS 7176  to low hazard classification, with the appropriate label only then it is acceptable. BS 5852 is only one of the three tests that BS 7176 required to categorizes the results and provide a hazard classification.

Q3 You can but it has to state it is tested to BS 7176 low hazard.


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