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Does a home need a fire kit?


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In the local fire brigade i was told installing in  private family homes a fire kit which consists of:

-smoke alarms 

-fire blanket 

-powder extinguisher (if possible 4-6kg) 

I'm doubting powder because I was told in this forum the risk of inhalation of powder so its dismissed for commercial premises. And it is recomended for a home? Powder is for multiple fire risks such as homes? Are dry-water mist just too expensive? However dry powder is non toxic, isn't it? 

Thanks for help 


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2 hours ago, AnthonyB said:

Which country is this? I can't think of a UK Brigade advocating private houses put a 4 or 6kg Powder in?

It's Madrid, Spain 

What can u recommend me instead 


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Ah - if it's Spain then your fire codes are totally different, apartment blocks there do still require extinguishers, usually 6 kg Powder and on every floor (with more than one per floor if travel distances are excessive, I don't have the detail though)

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