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Ei 144 - Green light won't come on

Guest Hai

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I have 2 Ei 144 alarms in my house and one of them is beeping every minute or so. The one that is not beeping has a green light, while the one that does beep does not, it only flashes the red light every once in a while. I checked the fuse box and all the switches are up. I tried resetting them but still no green light.

Not sure if this would be related: I recently (2 days ago) triggered the alarm, I accidentally burnt a bit of newspaper on the cooker but nothing major, put it out immediately. The alarm would have been detected by the detector that is now beeping. The alarm was blaring for about 5 minutes then it stopped all by itself. I did press the Test & Hush button a few times during that time but not sure if that would have done anything.

Any advice would be appreciated, I'm a bit at loss here.

Thank you

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