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Fires in domestic appliances

Guest AlanWi

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I am investigating causes of fires in domestic appliances(washing machines, tumble dryers and dish washers) and means of early detection. Any data on the topic is of interest to me, such as the number, the causes and the consequences.

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Thats a very difficult task you have set there Alan there are very little statistics in such detail but a starting point would be DCLG fire website the latest is http://www.communiti...pdf/1780609.pdf and you could try http://www.esc.org.u...rch/statistics/ regarding electrical appliances. If I get any more detailed information I will post again. As for early detection I am not aware of any, other than isolating the supply using cut off relays using thyristors and it appears the use of bi-metal strips are now finding favour but you will need to research that more fully because I cannot vouch for the information.

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