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Main entrance lobby

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Escape route corridor and lobby protection


im just after some advice in relation to fire protection in a building.


its a 2 story building that is an office and nursery/day center for kids on just part of ground floor.

My query is that in terms of the fire protection there is nothing covering the main entrance lobby which includes the fire panel and ther is also no AFD in a 1st floor  top stairwell that then leads to a corridor that again has no AFD with multiple rooms off this corridor that do have AFD.

the corridor has 2 means of escape via the stairs that come up from ground floor back along small corridor and into entrance lobby or via the other end of corridor that opens onto a large open room that does have AFD but then leads onto  another small corridor maybe 6m long that doesnt have AFD that then opens out onto a 1st floor fire exit external stairway.



id would have though both these corridors need protection and ive checked with the current fire risk assessment for the site which doesn't state a Category of system only that it complies to BS5839 part 1


Before following up i just wanted some advice on if that would be acceptable or not?


Many thanks

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Depending on the size of th premises then the only fire alarm required could be a category M system, (manual call points) only if there is fire risks  that could develop unseen, is there a need for AFD. Only with a survey is it possible to determine if a Category L system is required. 

Only with a detailed plan or a survey is it possible to determine if the means of escape is satisfactory and if the alternate MoE is acceptable. 


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