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I'm aware of our school's legal responsibilities with regards fire wardens during my school's normal operation.

We are looking into letting out our pool in evenings, weekends and school holidays to external companies and groups (no access to rest of the school building). What legal responsibilities do we have? Does there have to be a fire warden?  If yes, does it have to be a school member of staff, or can it be someone from the external company? Can we simply state in the letting agreement that the external company is responsible for all fire safety. Does that indemnify us?

What about school-operated after school clubs and holiday clubs? Does a school fire warden need to be present at all times?

Thanks in advance.

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The Responsible Person for the school has a duty to ensure The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is complied with and he/she can have competent persons (fire marshals) to assist him/her.

If I was the RP and not in attendance I would want a competent person, preferably in his/her employ, to look after their interests to ensure the RR(FS)O is fully complied with.

I believe this legal duty cannot be transferred, so the duty to comply remains with the RP of the school, who could be the Authority, Head Master/Mistress or management company.

I think the external companies and groups will have their own staff but must take heed of the competent person and I would have written into the contract.

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