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Fire Alarm Sounder Tests

Guest Ryan

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Hi, Wondering if anyone can help.

BS5839-1 states over a 12 month period: 

"k) All fire alarm devices should be checked for correct operation. It should be confirmed that visual fire alarm devices are not obstructed from view and that their lenses are clean.
NOTE 9 This test is intended to ensure that every fire alarm device operates in response to a fire alarm signal. It is not intended that sound pressure level measurements are made."

The majority of engineers i know, will simply activate the sounders at the panel, hear them, switch them off, and deem this as a test.

On an addressable system, this would suffice, As it would report a fault back. But on an conventional system you technically havent confirmed each sounder for correct operation. (say if a sounder on the second floor didnt work you would have no idea by standing at the panel).

Whats peoples opinions on this? How do you test conventional sounders>?

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All sounders should be tested weekly on the weekly test and 12 month period, if any occupant doesn't hear the alarm or has difficulty in hearing the alarm should report it, the management/service engineer who should then investigate it. I cannot see how a two person team could test the sounders without a great degree of disruption with the sound continually going off.

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